Cinderella Projection
The Menomonie Theater Guild produced Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, and I designed projected stage assets (stills and animated pieces) for the production.
Into the Woods Publicity
Menomonie High School produced the Sondheim Musical Into the Woods in Fall of 2023. I designed the poster, programs, tee shirts, and other publicity assets for the show.
World Cup Tracking Posters
I have been designing posters to track the world cups of Qatar '22 and New Zealand/ Australia '23 for classroom use.
Matilda Projections
Projection animation and design for the Menomonie Theater Guild production of Matilda the Musical at the world famous Mabel Tainter Theater.
Little Shop of Horrors
Projected motion and static background assets/ front-projection animated sequence for a production of Little Shop of Horrors
Zero My Hero
Assets and motion graphics for an animated short film; an example of anaglyphic rendering, this project included the distribution and UX of 3D red/cyan glasses
Lake Project Puzzle
Augmented reality project with physical puzzle parts and location-based animations
Schoolhouse Rock! Live!
Tangible User Interface design in the form of an interactive program, paired with motion graphics and animation for a virtual show
Engineering Puzzles
Interactive, informative kiosks designed to be installed in a museum or educational space; an example of information design and illustration
Annie Theater Design
Costume design and concepts, set design and digital representations for show development
Cutout School Project
Presentation and app wireframe for a school concept
Helping Hand Skeleton Arm
3D design and FDM print of table attachment skeleton arm
Kubb Aerial & Typography
Aerial videography and 3D typography for the national tournament
Challenge Clue
AR video & data visualization for a single clue in a multi-stage puzzle project based around Lake Menomin
BB8 Droid
3D Printed droid, with working Arduino dome lights, and matching animations for classroom display || PLA plastic, paint, electronics
Trip Badges
A series of designs made for a cycling club for physical production and web use
Red Panda Stained Glass
Animation and stained glass mixed materials project as research into both media || Glass, lead, digital media in After Effects