Hi! I'm Matt. 
I am an educator with a passion for animation, motion graphics & interdisciplinary design. I live, teach, and make things in Wisconsin, USA.
I graduated with a Fine Arts major from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, where my first loves were watercolor and drawing. I earned my Master of Fine Arts in Design at U.W. Stout, researching motion design and tangible user interface—while leveling up in glass, instructional installations and cinematography along the way. As a designer, I continue my research on motion & graphic design, applied projection & display formats, 3D design & FDM printing, and instructional media design.
I am National Board certified as an elementary educator and have taught in Minnesota, Alaska, and Wisconsin. I have been awarded numerous grants, fellowships, and awards as an educator. I promote creativity and good design in education. As an educator, my goal is to design inspiring, surprising, and authentic instructional experiences for students. To this end, I draw upon my understanding of good design, the human brain, and the psychology of motivation.
Some of the credentials I have earned are shown below. You might also have interest in my resume or CV, linked here.