Animatic Drawings
Hand-drawn animation stills for filmmaking sequences || Apple Pencil on iPad in Procreate
Instructional Comic
Hand-drawn strip for reading strategy instruction || Apple Pencil on iPad in Procreate
Red Panda Stained Glass
Animation and stained glass mixed materials project as research into both media || Glass, lead, digital media in After Effects
Seward, Alaska
Representative of my watercolor painting style, which is typically to draw in pencil and then fill with wet-on-wet application || Watercolor, 11x14" on paper
Cobalt Blue
A little watercolor I've always been proud of, one of my first || Watercolor on paper, 5x5"
Lighthouse Watercolor
One of my very first watercolors ever, painted in college for watercolor class under the guidance of my mentor Wendell Arneson || 7x7" watercolor on paper
Bighorn Mountains
Photography & Photoshop practice - specifically stitching panoramas, and adjusting color || 10x30" color DSLR photography + Photoshop
Various Acrylics
A small collection of a few recent acrylic pieces || Acrylic on canvas, various sizes
Wittenberg Holocaust Memorial
I painted this piece recently as a reflection on a piece of Holocaust sculpture I saw in Wittenberg, Germany. || Acrylic on canvas 36" x 48"
BB8 Droid
3D Printed droid, with working Arduino dome lights, and matching animations for classroom display || PLA plastic, paint, electronics
Room 141 Installation
A four-pane window of glass designed for our classroom || Each piece 18x18" glass, lead came
Study in Green
A larger abstract glass piece made to learn new techniques in assembly and soldering || Glass, lead came, 16x38"
Theme Comic
Another comic I drew for students to help explain finding a theme in reading. || Digital drawing with Apple pencil in Procreate on iPad.